Tax changes will crush the dreams of Canadian entrepreneurs.

Open Letter to The Prime Minister of Canada, The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau and Minister of Finance, Hon. Bill Morneau

Prime Minister Trudeau,

Canadians elected you on a platform of hope. A Canada where the middle class, and those who hope to join it, can get ahead and dreams can be realized.

Your proposed changes to the tax code, however, are completely at odds with our shared vision for a progressive and entrepreneurial Canada.

We are business owners and entrepreneurs. We are farmers and doctors. We are not entitled, cheating, or playing outside the rules. We are busy creating jobs to help fund Canada’s future – a future we entrusted you with.

We are asking you to reconsider these harmful economic policies. They will not achieve what you desire. Instead they will extinguish the dreams of a nation of entrepreneurs and others who want to help build the greatest country in the world.

Money and talent is mobile in today’s world. If we don’t work together to create a system that motivates all Canadians, the money and talent will leave.

We are a creative and enterprising group. We believe strongly in the potential and possibility of our great country. Let’s work together to build a future where entrepreneurs can grow businesses, and all Canadians can thrive.

We are consolidated in our belief that the proposed tax changes will crush Canadian entrepreneurs.

The Council of Progressive Business Leaders

Arlene Dickinson, President & CEO, Venture Communications | Bruce Croxon, Co-Founder, Round 13 Capital | Peter Schwartz, Chairman, Laurence Capital Corp | Remus Lechintan, CEO, RoundAssist | Michele Romanow, Co-Founder, Clearance | Adam Adamou, CEO, OV2 Securities | Mike Alkier, Co-founder of OmniLogic | Rudolph Allan | Kelly Ambrose, President & CEO, Advantex Marketing International Inc. | Scott Amis, Sales Manager, Haven Mattress Ltd. | Ken Anderson, SVP, Langhaus Financial | Chris Annett, Principle, Whitewater Financial | Brad Ashbourn, Associate, Kognitiv Corporation | Hilton Barbour | Peter Barker, President, Distintcly Tea | Kevin Barnes | Karen Basian | John Beckel, General Manager, Destination M | Michael Beckerman, Advisor, Ariad Communications | Nolan Bederman, Managing Partner, Bederman Capital Corp. | Dennis Bennie, XDL Capital | Alan Berdowski, CEO, Digital Hug Social Intelligence | Diane Bertolin, Mortgage Agent, Unimor Capital Corporation | Slawek Bilko, President | Chris Binnendyk, President, Allseating Corp. | Georgia Bolger, President/CEO, SG Cunningham | Brian Bolshin, President & Cofounder, Hill Street Beverage Co. | Bruce Bowser, CEO, AMJ Campbell Van Lines | Dean Braund, CEO, Ardency | Robert Breadner, CEO, Breadner Trailers | Gary Brent, Chairman, Highview Financial Group | Andrew Brethour, President/CEO, PMA Brethour | Patrick Brigham | Rick Brock, CEO, Brock Solutions | Bob Bryce, President, Trebor Personnel Inc. | Derek Bullen, President, S.i. Systems  | Robert Burchell | Sian Burgess | Allan Bush | Jeff Buzbuzian, Owner, Knar Jewellry | Marc Castel, CEO, Fiix Software | Rick Chad, President & CEO, Chad Management Group | Bob Chafee, CEO & Chairman at Etobicoke Ironworks Ltd. | Michael Chase, Chief Marketing Officer, St. Joseph Communications | Paul Chen, Founder at Fortiva sold Proofpoint | Murray Child | Jeff Churchman, Pharmacist, Hogan Pharmacy | Ray Civello, Founder, Civello | David Civiero | Kevin Cochran, Enriched Academy | Tony Cohen, CEO, Global Edge Investments | Todd Cooney, Vice President, CBRE | Penny Costello, Owner, Onco-screen Inc. | Yvan Couture, President, Primal | George Croft, CEO, Brick Brewing | Michael Croxon, President at New Roads Automotive Group | Norma Croxon, Investor | Damon Crumplen, Student | Phil Cunningham | Moe Danis, Senior VP, CWB Maxium | Jonathan Davids, President, Influicity | Steve Davies, President, Diesel Management | John Deans, Senior VP, SG Cunningham | Kevin Dee, Chairman & Founder, Eagle Professional Resources | Michael DiBrina, President & CEO, DiBrina Group | Danny Dinardo, Owner, Dinardo | Larry Dunn, Chairman & CEO, Harbouredge Capital Corporation | Mark Durigon  | John Eckert, Partner, Round13 Capital | Dan Einwechter, Owner, Challenger Motor Freight | Bill Evans, Managing Director of Oaklane Investments  | Bryan Fisk, President, 2002765 Ontario Ltd. | Timothy Fleming, Lawyer, Fleming Private Law | David Forest, Owner, David Forest | Robert Foster, President & CEO, Capital Canada Inc. | Bill Fox, Chief IT Architect, FoxNet | John Francis, Fraser Kearney Capital Corp. | Rob Fraser, CEO, G3 Capital | Kathryn From, Founder of Wonderment Ventures. Advisor at Kew Media Group Inc. CEO & President at Bravado Designs Inc. | Allan Garber, CPA, Parker, Garber & Chesney LLP | Tony Gareri, CEO, Roma Moulding | George Georghiades | Jean-Yves Germain, Co-President, Group Germain Hotels | Todd Gillick, President | Randy Gilling, Owner, Deer Park Wellness Inc. | Brent Gingrich, CEO, PeopleCare | Flavio Gomes, CEO, LogiSense | Nicholas Gonko, Business Owner, Ally & Nicholas Photography | Ryan Good, Finance and Governance Chair, Entrepreneurs Organization Southwest Ontario | Hal Gould | Tim Gould, President, Gould Leasing | Adam Gracey, Owner, D.A. Adam Gracey | Janis Gratham, CEO, Eagle Professional Resources | Dennis Grimm, Chair Advisory Board, Flanangan Food Services | Lloyd Grinham, Owner, L. Alan Grinham Architect Inc. | Brian Haase, CEO , Boston Pizza Franchisee | Jim Hacking, CEO | Norm Hagarty, CEO, DAC Group | Philip Haid, CEO & Founder, Public Inc | Peter Hall, President | Keith Hanna, Step Up, Executive Coach | Duncan Hannay, President and CEO, Street Capital Group Inc. | Peter Hardy, Independent Sports Professional | Steve Harrigan | John Harris, Chief Revenue Officer, eSentire Inc. | J.Paul Haynes, CEO, eSentire Inc. | Mark Hemphill, Founder & CEO | Carl Hermann | William Herz, President, MEGAHERTZ Ideas | James Hewak, Gastroenterologist, Guelph GI and Surgery Clinic | Chris Hewat | Dean Hiebert, Director of Technical Development, New Age Technologies | Tom Hilditch, President/CEO, Savanta Inc. | John Horwood, Director Wealth Management, Richardson GMP | Randall Howard, General Partner, Verdexus | Paul Hubner, President, Baffin | Michael Hyatt, Exec Chairperson, BlueCat Networks  | Nick Jelinek, CEO, Influence Marketing Inc. | Paul Johnson, CEO, Pivotal Input | Dean Johnston, C.A.I.B. | Norman Kalyniuk, Physician | Dennis Kavelman, Technology Executive, Thalmic Labs | Chris Keevill, CEO, Colour Inc. | Glen Keleher, Principal at Keleher Investment | Mike Kelly | John Kennedy | Tom Kennedy, Founder, Kensington Capital Partners | Mark Kohler, CEO, Exelerate Corporate Finance | Andy Krupski, CEO, The Hive | Elaine Kunda, CEO, Elaine Kunda Inc. | Keith Kwan  | Nancy Ladenheim, CEO, Bryan Mills Ltd. | Paul Laufert, Managing Director, Laurence Group of Companies | Carol Leaman, CEO, Anoxify | Peter Lee, CEO, Saranghae | Sean Lee, Business Development Manager, MD Lee Holdings | Tim Leonard, President, Lifecycle Planning Inc. | Mo Lidsky, Partner, Prime Quadrant LP | Paul Little | Chris Lund, CEO, Perennial Group Of Companies | Bob MacDonald, J.A. MacDonald  | Phil MacDonald, J.A. MacDonald  | Daryl MacLellan, CFO, CWB Maxium | Anil Maheshwari, Physician | Al McElroy, Senior Buyer, Franklin Empire Inc. | Don McIntyre, President  , Nemcor Inc. | Bruce McKinlay, President, Amstel Manufacturing | Paul McLean, CEO , CWB Maxium | Jeff McRae, C.Dir, CPA, CA, Managing Partner at Rosenswig McRae Thorpe LLP | Jason Merrithew, President, Merit Travel | Bruce Miller, Consultant, Bruce Miller Consulting | Mike Milloy, President, Gateman Milloy | Kim Moody, Director, Moodys Gartner Tax Law | Alec Moore, Finance and HR Consultant | Idris Mootee, CEO & Founder, Idea Couture | Bert Mumby, Past President | Jim Murphy, Director of Engineering, Shopify | Wesley Neichenbauer, VP & CFO at Rowntree Enterprises Inc. | Joanne and Howard Nemeroff   | Ed Newton | Brandon Nussey, CFO, Desire2Learn | Simon Nyilassy, CEO, Marigold & Associates | Sean O’Leary, President & CEO, Loss Prevention Specialist | Nicholas Paine, Shareholder, Elva Corporation Ltd | Joe Pal | Jody Palubiski, Charcoal Group | Frank Parronchi, Owner, FPR Environmental | David Pasieka, President, Liberty Utilities | Scott Paterson, Technology & media venture capitalist. Chairman at Merry Go Round Children’s Foundation.  | Laurie Peet | Tony Perotta, President/CEO, Greentec | Todd Peterson, Enriched Academy | Robert Pierce, Managing Director, Stonegate Private Counsel | Erez Pikar, Ex CEO of CDI | David Posluns, Managing Director, Cedarpoint Investments Inc. | John Reid, CEO, Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance | Matt Reynolds, EVP, Newport Capital | Tim Rickert, Partner, BDO Canada | Claudio Rodrigues, CEO, Retail Media Group | Jon Rohr, Small Business Owner, Exchange Magazine | Marco Romeo, Co-Owner, Romeo Salon & Spa | Paul Roth, President, Paul Roth Architects | Jean Roy  | Bob Rubinoff | Alan Rudolph , EVP, CXO, Sungard Availability Services | David Russell, President, Heartland Capital Partners | Louie Santaguida, CEO, Stanton Renaissance | Louis Sapi, CEO at HS & Partners LLP | Mark Satov, President & Founder at Satov Consultants. Media contributor | David Sauve, MDL Investments | Brice Scheschuk, CEO, GLobalive | Ron Schmeichel , Chairman, JJR Capital | Jos Schmitt, President/CEO, NEO Stock Exchange | Rob Segal, CEO, CryptoGLobal Inc. | Brian Semkiw, CEO & Founder, Carta Worldwide | Brian Semkowski, President at Southwest Sun Group Inc. Director at London Economic Development Corporation | Peter Sharpe, President, Torrance Capital Inc | Scott Shawyer, President & CEO, JMP Engineering | Mark Shepherd | Gordon Shipp | Ron Shuttleworth , Partner, Oak Hill Financial | Merv Simpson | Steven Sims, Chartered Accountant, Sims & Company | James Sinkeldam, Director of Business Development, Ardenton Capital Corporation | Steve Sittler, President, Sittler | James Solecki, President, Villa Lighting Ltd. | Noah Solomon, President, Outcome Wealth Management | Jeffrey Spinks, Partner, Koster, Spinks & Koster LLP | George Staikos, Founder, CEO of Topology | Dinah Steele, President, PMA Brethour | Matthew Steele, Steele & Son Contracting | Dr. Sol Stern, Former Chief of Staff, Halton Healthcare Services | Max Stevens-Guille, CTO, ComQi | Wayne Stone, VP Planning & Finance, Westward Advisors Ltd. | Terry Stuart | Faisal Susiwala, Broker, Remax | Jay Symons, Founder, EdgeWater Lodge | Jeff Sziklai, CEO , Bellwyck Packaging Solutions | Michelle Sziklai  | John Tamming, CEO, RDS Bakeries | Ken Teslia, Chairman, Extreme Venture Partners | Hugh Thompson, President/CEO, Thompson Centre for Art & Design | Rob Thompson, Editorial Director, Pretige Club Publications | Jacques Tittley | Peter Turkstra, Owner, Turkstra Lumber | Christine Tutssel, SVP Strategic Initiatives, Anoxify Inc. | Cam Umphrey, Maplerock Building Group | Dr. Ted Urbancic, Founder of ESG Solutions. Current CTO | Mark Vines, Tim Hortons | Amin Visram, CEO, Vista Hospitality Group | Matt von Teichman, President and CEO, Green Space Brands | Richard Wajs, President/CEO, TWC International | Michael Wallace, Vice President, Langhaus Financial | Ann Watt, Physician | James White | Tom Wideman, Co-Owner, Charcoal Group | Brett Wilson, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist | Keith Wilton, Sales Manager, Heffner Lexus | Terry Witzel, President, Onward Manufacturing Co. | Tim Witzel, CEO , TA Appliances | Michael Yhip, Portfolio Manager, RBC | Mark Young, Owner, GTA AM Tour | John Zizzo, Director, Charcoal Group | Scott Shawyer, President & CEO, JMP Engineering | Cam Umphrey, Maplerock Building Group | Carl Hermann | Keith Kwan, Partner, MNP | Joe Romeo, Broker, Remax | Loren Francis, Principal, Highview Financial Group | Todd Jennereaux | Alex Lifeson | Kelly Roberts, Douglas Jones, CFA, Jones Collombin Investment Counsel Inc. | Sean Byrne, CFO, Brick Brewing | Rick Ekstein, CEO, Phaze 3 Management | Nicolas Lazarou, General Manager, Le Germain Toronto | Cameron Anderson, Co-President | Carmine Caccioppoli , Co-Owner, Vincenzo's | John Albright, Relay Ventures | Mark Lee, Owner, M.D.Lee Holdings | Bill Giannakopoulos | Blair Schultz | James Cunningham, CEO, | Dan Mathers | Frank Gerenscer, Trios Corporation | Todd Gillick, President, Chassie Co & Financial Corporation | John Bell, Chair, Onbelay Capital Inc. | Marylou Little | Brad Siim | John Reid | Jeff Churchman | Paul Pew, Co-CEO, G3 Capital Corp. | Ian Pryor, President, Pryor Tax Law | Kelly Roberts, SVP, National Bank Finanical | Robb Martin, Owner, THAK Ironworks | Cameron Anderson, President, Anderson Sabourin Consulting Inc | David Strucke, CEO & Founder, Media Sonar | Frank Grisdale, Branch Manager, CIBC Wood Gundy | Ari Powell, CEO, GiraffeFoods

Companies listed for identification purposes only. Paid for by the signatories and individual contributors.

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